Dykes Creek Fish Diversity

Editorial In Rome News-Tribune Oct. 19, 2012

FRIDAY BLOG: Mother Nature’s aquarium
by Rome News-Tribune

AS THE COOSA RIVER BASIN Initiative folks love to remind us all, we live on the “most biodiverse river basin in North America.” And they can prove it, too, with a recent Georgia Department of Natural Resources “stream survey” — sort of a census — along Dykes Creek off Kingston Highway as additional evidence.

The team of 10 gill-counters found more than 20 species of fish along a roughly 300-meter (984 feet) stretch including redeye bass, Mobile logperches, Coosa darters, Coosa shiners and tricolor shiners — few of which most local residents could identify themselves in or out of the water.

Keeping such streams healthy is a continual effort and this is evidence that it is working, although not a reason to forget there are other area streams not as healthy or biodiverse as they once were.

“It’s very rare to have that many (species) in a single stream,” said a DNR spokesman. The goal should be have such statements always add a phrase: “… except in Floyd County.”


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