Metro Atlanta Water Plan

Metropolitan North Georgia Water Management Plan and how it will impact the Coosa River Basin

Metro Water Plan Threatens Downstream Water Supplies

The public comment period for the 2008 update of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s updated water management plan ended Jan. 31, 2009. The Coosa River Basin Initiative and other Waterkeeper Alliance members are worked to have the water management planned improved so that it promotes aggressive water conservation measures and reduces its reliance on new reservoirs and interbasin water transfers from the Coosa River Basin.

The Plan ultimately approved by the District offers, on paper, some encouraging news. The Plan shows decreased reliance on interbasin transfers from the Etowah River. In 2035, the District now plans a net transfer of 32 million gallons per day. In its original plan adopted in 2003, the District proposed a net transfer of more than 60 MGD.

However, CRBI questions these projected figures. The Plan also shows the Cobb-Marietta Water Authority increasing its withdrawal from Lake Allatoona to 105 MGD in 2035. If these withdrawals follow historic trends, more than 50 MGD will be transferred to the Chattahoochee River Basin--not 32 as suggested.

Read CRBI's comments submitted to the Metro Water District Jan. 29.

Review the Metro District 2009 Water Plan Online

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