Get the Dirt Out

Next Get the Dirt Out Workshop: April 09 at the Murray County Extension office, GA

Dirt is the leading cause of water pollution in Georgia. When land is cleared for construction projects, timber harvesting, agriculture or road building, that land loses its natural ability to keep soil in place. When the rain comes down, the exposed dirt at these sites washes downhill and into the nearest stream or river, literally choking the life out of the water.

Get The Dirt Out is a program of Georgia's watershed protection groups designed to educate citizens about Georgia's "dirt laws" and train them to be watchdogs in their neighborhoods to keep dirt out of our waterways.

As part of the Get the Dirt Out Program, CRBI...

  • conducts regular Get the Dirt Out workshops for citizens
  • responds to calls to our water pollution prevention hotline: 706-232-2724
  • reviews applications to state and federal governments to fill wetlands and pipe and fill streams
  • informs the public of proposed developments that would negatively impact our water and our communities.

Get involved, register to participate in an upcoming Get the Dirt Out Citizen Workshop.

Through this training, you'll learn...

  • why dirt is bad for our rivers
  • the ins and outs of Georgia's dirt laws
  • how to evaluate construction site compliance with these laws
  • what to do when you see a violation





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