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The following educational programs are available upon request for schools, special programs, civic organizations, community groups, religious organizations and other groups. If you have a specific need, CRBI's staff can sometimes tailor a program to suit your needs. To schedule an educational program, contact us.

2016-17  Education Programs




Quiz BowlWhat? CRBI’s annual battle of the brains for fourth grade students to see which area school has the most woods and water wits!

When? May 20, 2017 9:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.

Where? Arrowhead Environmental Education Center, 2582 Floyd Springs Road, Armuchee GA 30105

Why? To encourage environmental education and awareness in area schools. Participants receive a Quiz Bowl T-shirt and compete for great prizes and bragging rights.

Call now for E.Q. Bowl Study Guide!  Or click this image to see the E.Q. Bowl Study Guide Online:






Non-Point Source Water Pollution Program

rain DropWhat? 30-45 minute educational programs on water pollution or water conservation.

How? Through lecture, hands-on illustrations, audio-visuals and  participatory activities students will learn how they can protect their rivers and streams

In one segment, a student wears our famous Velcro water drop suit while the rest of the class follows this drop on its journey from the mountains to the sea. During the “journey,” other students attach pollution, showing how our activities impact our rivers. Students will also learn about the region’s geography, cultural history, biological diversity and about the many ways we use our rivers.

Available to grades 2-12. Subjects tailored to grade level.

What? 30-40 minute activity in which we use your school grounds to teach children about water pollution

How? Using wire brushes, stencils and spray paint, your students will affix stencils on storm drains in your school parking lot that read: “Dump No Waste; Drains to the Coosa River”

Why? To teach students how watersheds work and the relationship between land use, personal responsibility and the health of our rivers and streams. 

Storm Drain Stenciling Design Competition

with the Rome Braves!


Exploring the Etowah

CanoeingThis 30-minute multi-media presentation tells the story of an inspirational 26-day, 160-mile canoe adventure down Georgia’s Etowah River undertaken by CRBI Executive Director, Joe Cook, and his family. Ever wondered what might happen if you put a three-year-old in a canoe for a month? The show answers that question as you follow Cook, his daughter, Ramsey, and her mother from the spring that begins the river along the Appalachian Trail to the river’s end in downtown Rome. It is a celebration of this unique family adventure and shares the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the journey. It also delves into issues facing residents of the fast-growing Etowah River Basin of North Central and Northwest Georgia, and gives a glimpse of the beauty and history surrounding this small river.

This program is well suited for high school and college students as well as adult groups and adventurers and river lovers of all ages.



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