Non-Sewage Spill

A non-sewage spill can be indicated by any unusual odors or unnatural discoloration of the water, such as oil spills, chemicals or hazardous waste. 

What to do:

o Take pictures to document evidence if possible

o  Without trespassing try to determine if there is any nearby discharges, pesticide applications, or pollutant leaks.

o Look for any accidental or intentional dumping of pollutants.

o Observe if recent heavy rain events may be responsible for transporting pollutants into the waterbody.

o Do not trespass!  

Who to contact:

To report a non-sewage spill please contact the

Georgia Environmental Protection Division at:

770-387-4900 (Cartersville & North Georgia) 404-656-4300 (Metro Atlanta)
1-800-241-4113 (Statewide) 24-hour availability
* Provide your name and contact information, so that a DNR representative can call back for additional information. 

If you cannot contact Georgia Environmental Protection Division, please contact the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Response Center at:


Call CRBI at 706-232-2724 or fill out an online incident report form


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