Fish Kill

A fish kill is often an indication of poisonous pollution in the water, and should be treated very seriously and with caution.


What to do: 

o        Take pictures to document evidence if possible!

o        Note the number and species of the dead fish.

o        Note the exact location of kill and time it was spotted.

o        Note the appearance/ behavior of the dead/dying fish.

o        Note the color or appearance of the surrounding water.

o        If possible identify the source of any pollutants in the water.

o        Avoid skin contact with the contaminated water or fish. 


Who to contact:

 If you notice numerous dead fish or unusual behavior such as fish coming out of the water gasping for air, call the following three numbers as soon as possible: 


Georgia Wildlife Resource Division and Environmental Protection Division:

404-656-4300 (Metro Atlanta)

770-387-4900 (Cartersville/North Georgia)

1-800-241-4113 (Statewide) 24-hour availability

* Provide your name and contact information, so that a DNR representative can call back for additional information.

Call CRBI at 706-232-2724 or fill out our online incident report form


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