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How you can make a difference in your river basin

Fish Weir Group

CRBI depends upon volunteers to carry out its mission. We need paddlers and water monitors, tree planters and garbage gatherers, construction site monitors and office volunteers. To become involved in any of the projects detailed below, e-mail us or visit our Calendar of Events for specific dates and times. You can also sign up online for available opportunities: Online Sign Up Sheet Instructions.


Water Monitoring

CRBI staff and volunteers collect water quality data at dozens of locations throughout the Coosa Basin. This information helps us identify pollution problems and allows citizens to take ownership of the waterways in their backyards. After a short training session with Program Coordinator David Promis, you will be a certified Georgia Adopt-a-stream or Alabama Water Watch water monitor. CRBI will then supply all the equipment you need to begin collecting water quality data on your favorite stream. This is a great project for school classes and families.  


Gordon Clean UpCRBI holds regular stream clean ups and other restoration projects throughout the year. During 2004 and 2005, CRBI volunteers removed 32,000 pounds of trash from the Coosa and its tributaries. Concentrated mostly in the fall and spring, these events are advertised in our newsletter, Mainstream, on our Calendar of Events and in local media.


Construction Stormwater Monitor

GTDO TrainingIf you are concerned about the impact residential and commercial development and other land clearing activities are having on your local waterways, CRBI can train you to be a water watchdog through our Get the Dirt Out program. After a short training session, you will have the knowledge to inspect construction sites in your neighborhood to determine if the operators of these site are conducting their business in compliance with the Clean Water Act. When you identify violations, CRBI will assist you in taking the appropriate steps to bring the site into compliance. Get the Dirt Out training sessions are held periodically and are advertised in our newsletter, Mainstream, on our Calendar of Events and in local media.

Special Events

Fish FryCRBI holds three special events during the year, May’s Canoe-a-thon, Race and Environmental Fair, August's River Revelry Party and November’s Fish Fry. Volunteers are needed to produce events. If you enjoy frying catfish, planning parties or hauling canoes, we could use your help. If you’d rather eat fish and ride in a canoe, we could use you as a participant! These events are advertised in our newsletter, Mainstream, on our Calendar of Events and in local media.


Adventure Outings

Canoe-a-thonCRBI holds regular canoe trips, hikes and other outings designed to educate participants about the natural and cultural history of our river basin and introduce participants to the issues we address through our advocacy and education programs. These special trips are advertised in our newsletter, Mainstream, on our Calendar of Events and in local media.

Office Volunteers

Office VolunteersAt our downtown Rome offices, our staff often needs assistance with mailings, database management and other odds and ends. If you'd like to volunteer (and spend time with the best environmental staff this side of the Coosa), please give us a call at 706-232-2724 or send us an e-mail.


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