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Polar Bear Paddle & Plunge 2017

Make CRBI Executive Director Jesse Demonbreun-Chapman take the Plunge!


CRBI's new Executive Director Jesse Demonbruen-Chapman has pledged to take the plunge into the Etowah River on Jan. 14 during the annual Polar Bear Paddle IF CRBI supporters and members donate at least $1000 before we hit the river on Jan. 14. 

Be it snow or rain or sunshine, 20-degrees or 60-degrees, you can send Jesse into the Etowah for a CRBI-style baptism. 

And, what's more, if you donate $35 or more, you receive a year's membership in CRBI. 

With your CRBI membership you will be notified of all upcoming CRBI events and activities, receive important e-mail action alerts that allow you to take action to protect our rivers and provide you with free access to CRBI's full guided paddle trip schedule in 2017. 

And, best of all, your donation will be used to help CRBI carry on the important work of protecting your drinking water and North America's most biologically unique river system. 

Use the form below to make an online donation. 




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